Should We Get Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance is strongly required by
You might think, "Why do I need insurance, I'm renting?" Well, even though has an insurance policy on your building, you'll need to protect your personal interests too. And…it only costs a little to protect a lot. Renter's insurance is less costly than you might think.
We would be happy to put you in touch with an insurance company that can get you a renters insurance policy for the year.

Can we use our security deposit for the last month's rent?

No, A security deposit is money given to a landlord to provide some protection to a landlord for damage to the rented premises or for some other failure of a tenant. The security deposit will be returned in full upon move out barring there is no damage and the house is provided in the condition that it was given.

How many people can we put in a house?

The Town of Hamden only allows 4 students per house and therefore it would be illegal to allow anymore than 4 per house.

Why do your leases end in mid May?

This gives us ample time to do any necessary preparation for the next years tenants.  We always prorate the last month's rent accordingly.

What utilities are included?

All houses include a washer and dryer, landscaping & snow removal services. All other utilities are the responsibility of the tenants with the exception of water.

How Do I rent a property?

Please click this link on how to rent a property.